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We are an IT consulting and software services company focussing on the fields of IT, Communication and Internet, based in Bangalore, India. Spatika provides solutions in data communication Embedded software, Control systems, multimedia , Web design and Client server solutions for customers in Technology, Manufacturing, Electronic & Print media and service segments.

We are a technology driven company having over 100 man-years of experience in software design and development, both on-site and off shore. Our projects focus on the needs of specific industry like communication, manufacturing, process-control, and contract management. Having started as a consulting firm, we have expanded into software development for customized projects.

Our success depends, among other things, on our ability and willingness to work with the customer to understand the requirement, jointly draw the specifications and in being flexible. It is our belief and practice to build solutions that are both economic and scalable in size and features. Some of our hardware products have got FCC certifications.